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Kingston Kids

If you're not yet ready for treatment it's important that once or twice a year Dr. Todd has the opportunity to check how you're growing and how your teeth and jaws are developing.  Different kids are ready for orthodontic treatment at different times and it's important that an orthodontic specialist like Dr. Todd monitor your growth and development to ensure that your jaws and teeth are on the right track or address any issues if they're not.

But Dr. Todd doesn't want you to be left out of the fun of being a Kingston Orthodontics patient, while you're waiting to start treatment later or in this monitoring phase, so he's created Kingston Kids just for you. As part of Kingston Kids, you'll be able to enter any contests we have in the office, participate in practice activities and receive communication from Dr. Todd and his team. And your evaluation appointments in this period when you're not yet ready for treatment are provided at no cost. So come on in, we'd love to see you!